You Have a Message-10 ways to find it!!!

R128 Leadership -- You have a message PicIf we’re going to say anything at all in life, or be anything at all in life, we have to believe we have something to say. You see, I think everyone has something to say that will or could change the world for the better. The problem is, we don’t believe we have something to say.

I want to challenge that thinking. You have a lot to say, you just need to believe it. You have been wired to speak to a unique group of people in your world and they are waiting to hear from you. Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, community group, church, or school are simply waiting for someone (you!!!) to speak up.

If you look back on your life, your experiences, your family, your choices, and your relationships. Just those alone will give you enough to have something to say. What have you learned that will help those coming behind you, how do you think things could be changed for the better? Just think of the difference you could make by sharing your message with those around you.

10 ways to find your message

  1. Your experience
  2. Your passion
  3. Write every day
  4. Study every day
  5. Research every day
  6. Ask questions (a lot of questions)
  7. Talk
  8. Join a group
  9. Connect with people
  10. Observe

All you have to do is believe you have something to say and speak up!!!

 Question: What do you have to say?