Why Leaders Should Go To Church

Attending ChurchOk, most everyone who knows me knows I am a pastor and expect me to say this.  But before I was a pastor or “had” to go to church, I went.  I am a public fan of church.  I know church has gotten a pretty bad rap lately, and for a majority of the population today, church has become a past pursuit.  But, I still believe attending a weekly faith filled service enhances our daily lives.

Leaders, especially, should go to church because of the place of influence in the work place, family, community, and society we enjoy.  Leadership is influence and your influence sets the tone for the direction of everything you are involved in as a leader.  When you attend a church that is Bible Based and has a message of faith hope and love, it has the potential to influence every area of your life.

Attending Church

Sets the tone for the week

The message of the church is good news.  Starting your week with good news sets the tone for the rest of the week.  The positive and convicting message and music in a church service creates an atmosphere that follows throughout the week.

Sets the tone for the family

A leader is only as affective as his family is strong.  Families who attend church together are more likely to stay together (90% more likely).  Marriages are stronger, children do better in school (grade point higher, more likely to attend college).

A Place to connect with good people

Not perfect people, but good good people.  People who attend church by in large are trying to make a difference in their world.  They are not perfect and will make mistakes, but isn’t that the point–To connect with those who are doing exactly what you are doing as a leader, trying to make a difference, making mistakes along the way, correcting them, and moving on?

Reminds me, it’s not about me

Being part of a church reminds me that life does not revolve around me.  A true church will be about reaching the poor and those less fortunate in life.  I am persuaded to be other minded.

Reminds me who I am

I am a creation of the creator.  Church Reminds me there is a bigger plan and I am not the center of it, I play a vital role in it.

Here’s a weekend project for you:

Find a local church, if you don’t already have one, and attend it this weekend, after your experience post here what you thought.

Question:  How does attending Church influence you for the Good?