The Trust Factor – The Glue of leadership

cursive-trustMy wife and I have been binge watching a new show called, “The Crown”.  A series about Queen Elizabeth and her becoming queen of England and learning how to adjust to royal leadership.  I have always been intrigued about how the kingdom of England and it’s government works together.

In one of the early episodes of “The Crown” a young future queen Elizabeth is learning about the English constitution.  She is asked a question by her teacher, “There are two parts to the English government, what are they?  She quickly answered, “the dignified and the efficient.”  Who is the dignified? asked the professor, “The King” said the future queen, “…and the efficient? She stated, “the government.”  The professor goes on to tell how they both work together to create a whole government.  Then he tells the young future queen to underline one word in her notes.  The camera pans to her notes and we see this little girls hand underline the word trust.

Trust is the glue of leadership.

They only way the two sides, the monarchy and the parliament, are effective is by mutual trust.  They have to trust one another.  That’s the only way any organization works, trust.  Trust is the glue of leadership. Trust holds everything together.

If you don’t trust, then you can’t lead.

  • Trust defeats Pride
  • Trust fosters Honor
  • Trust defeats Isolationism
  • Trust fosters Transparency
  • Trust Demands Respect
  • Trust signifies Belief
  • Trust exudes Confidence
  • Trust facilitates Collaboration

Self-Trust: Foundation of Authentic Leadership

At some point you will be alone and you have to trust yourself to do the right thing.  Your private life must be the kind of life that anyone can trust.  If you cannot trust yourself in times you are alone, then no one can trust you when you are not.

Trust is a 2-way street

The success of leadership is knowing trust is a 2-way street.  Many leaders want to be trusted and rightly so.  Without that trust there is no leadership.  When trust is broken, leadership is broken. But true success in leadership is when trust goes both ways.  Those that follow trust their leader and the leader trusts those that follow.

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