The Lost Art of Hard

Hard Things Picture

Have you ever simply done something because it was hard?  I think we have lost the Art of Hard.  Those things that need to be done or would challenge a generation to be greater if we did them simply because it is hard.  Yet I keep hearing, reading, and seeing the easiest way to do something, 5 easy steps to fix your marriage, loose weight, find a mate, get rich, or get the job you’ve always wanted.  President John F. Kennedy challenged this nation to go to the moon in less than a decade.  Why?  Simply because it was hard, “We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

8 Benefits to doing the Hard Things


Tests and increases your energies, skills, and capacity.  Without doing anything hard you never know what your capable of or increase your capacity.


Doing the hard thing creates a willing spirit in you and others around you.


Doing the hard thing requires vision in yourself and those around you.  It develops focus and purpose in your life and organization.


Doing the hard thing requires organization, goal setting, administration. Dedication and discipline are forged in the accomplishment.


Doing the hard thing requires you to involve others and learn team building skills.


Doing the hard thing develops new ways.  NASA has pioneered 6,300 new technologies from the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission.  Easier ways are found to do the hard thing so you can move on to achieve more.


Doing the hard things develops an attitude of winning and determination.  Each time you accomplish something that is hard there is an expectation and culture of “We can do this”.


Some wish us to stay where we are but when you choose to do something hard you progress into new areas and new adventures.

All great and honorable actions are accompanied by difficulty.–William Bradford, 1630

The worthwhile and important things are hard.


Question:  What hard thing have you done lately?