The Key Word in Discipline

Discipline is crucial to accomplish anything worthwhile. To understand discipline you must know the key word in discipline—Self. There is no one that is going to force you to get up and make a difference accept you. You see, it is not you against the world. It is you against you. The Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 4 to get up every day and put off the Old Man or Old way of doing things. Basically he was saying, your competition, your adversary, your sparing partner is the one staring back at you in the mirror. Each morning you wake up you have to fight your old self.

What do you want to accomplish? At 5am there is no one that is going to pull you out of bed to get started. Only you can do that. At 5am everyone else is either asleep or getting ready for their day. It is up to you to set the tone for your day.

There is no other kind of discipline but Self-discipline

Define a Goal Worth Fighting For

  • What ever you want to accomplish make sure it is something worth fighting
  • This will be a fight because resistance will come before you even start.
  • There must be an underlying worth to every goal

Deconstruct the Goal

  • Set measurable tasks to accomplish for the goal
  • Set monthly milestones
  • Eat the elephant one bite at a time


  • Set a routine to accomplish what is set before you
  • Make a daily plan that if followed will get you to your goal
  • Keep pushing for 50 days Straight
  • Analyze your progress
  • Keep track of your progress


  • Prioritize the goal Before anything else
  • Focus on this before anything else
  • This is why there must be an underlying worth


  • Distractions — Remove temptations or distractions
  • Negative Habits
  • Negative thoughts that you cannot accomplish


  • Wait for it to feel right
  • Wait to be motivated
  • Quit
  • Motivation comes after you start


  • Force yourself to act
  • Act to become super-human
    • Your capacity is more than you think it is
  • Failure is not an option—not even for one day
    • You either win or you learn—You never fail
  • Duplicate
    • Find role models that inspire you
    • Find the wheel that is working and ride it until it doesn’t.


  • Schedule breaks
  • Refresh with treats
  • Reward after wins

The only way to accomplish all that is set before you is to be disciplined and the only kind of discipline is Self-Discipline. Now get up and start!