The byproducts of Thankful Thinking

The thinker 2Being thankful is a state of mind.  A way of thinking.  It is a discipline of our thought life.  Our thoughts left unchecked will move to self-centered, rights-based, foolish thoughts (Romans 1 in the Bible talks about that).  Thankful leader’s speculations turn to purpose, prosperity, and are filled with promise.  But it takes focused determination for our thinking as leaders to be based in thankfulness and gratitude.  Leaders who discipline themselves to be grateful in their thinking have some pretty cool byproducts in their lives.

Thankful Thinkers:

  1. Their lives become full of every kind of decency
  2. Virtue
  3. Generosity
  4. Compassion
  5. Contentment
  6. Sanctity of Life
  7. Peace Makers
  8. Their standard is Truth and Transparency
  9. Forgiving
  10. Quiet—They do not share other peoples issues
  11. Loyal
  12. Love God
  13. Respectful
  14. Humble
  15. Give others credit
  16. Creative in ways of doing Good
  17. Honor their parents and previous Generations
  18. Understanding
  19. Their Word is their Bond
  20. Trustworthy
  21. Sympathy/Empathy
  22. Merciful
  23. They realize these byproduct produce prosperity but that is not why they are thankful.
  24. They hang out with others who have these same characteristics.
  25. They encourage others to do the same.

On this Thanksgiving Day take a moment to check your thinking, your motives, and your company.  If any of these need to be changed then discipline yourself now and become a leader know as a Thankful Thinker!!!

Question:  How do you discipline yourself to be a thankful thinker?