3 habits that will cripple your leadership

The need for fully healthy and strong leaders seems to be increasing. The reason is too many leaders are crippled by their habits. Leaders by nature deeply want to help people, that’s why they are leaders. Yet we get into[…]

Timex Mentality–Resilient Leaders

  Leaders are continually challenged to be effective in every season, shift, change, or circumstance.   In order to be more effective in changing times, leaders must be resilient. A resilient leader is a leader who: Can fail and get back[…]

Brand New Resource R128 Leadership Ebook-FREE

Check out the brand new leadership resource for you.  R128 Leadership — Lead with Diligence.  This Ebook is a practical guide that will give you insight on how to be a diligent leader. The best part of all is it[…]

The Decisive Leader

I went to see Lincoln (the Movie) the other day.  It was amazing.  I actually saw it twice in a week.  The movie was loosely based on the book by Doris Kerns “A team of rivals; the political genius of Abraham[…]