Don’t Vacate—Allocate!!! 3 Steps To make the Summer Count.

I read an article the other day about how to make your summer a time of growth. It was a church leadership article. I was interested because I always want to see the church grow and especially in the summer.[…]

E2 = AYG Simple formula to Accomplish Anything Anytime Anywhere

This is a simple little equation I use to accomplish anything, anytime, anywhere. A leader’s ability to accomplish goals is priority.  This next year can be the best year ever for accomplishing your goals, keeping your resolutions, and changing for[…]

3 Components of Consistent Creativity

I’m convinced everyone is creative. We live in a created place, made by a creator, to have His same creativity. You just have to tap into the creative process. Creativity is a gift to be used to bring about your[…]

Timex Mentality–Resilient Leaders

  Leaders are continually challenged to be effective in every season, shift, change, or circumstance.   In order to be more effective in changing times, leaders must be resilient. A resilient leader is a leader who: Can fail and get back[…]

Brand New Resource R128 Leadership Ebook-FREE

Check out the brand new leadership resource for you.  R128 Leadership — Lead with Diligence.  This Ebook is a practical guide that will give you insight on how to be a diligent leader. The best part of all is it[…]