Success Secret-Stop trying to be a person of success

Try not to be a man of success but a man of value -Albert Einstein

Value blogWhen success is your goal, target, or end game, everything you do becomes a tool or technique to that end. And people can tell. Instead of being a success try being of value.

Instead of using everything and everyone to get ahead, try using everything for everyone to become better.

Success is not a goal, it’s a byproduct.  When you become a person of value success naturally comes along.  It is the byproduct of value.

Signs of a Person of value

A Giver and not a Taker

  • People of value realize all they have is to be used and given.

Passion over Position

  • People of value do not compromise their passion for the sake of the position.
  • People of value let their passion drive them into the position.
  • People of value do not let Passion go away as the position increases

Conviction over Convenience

  • People of value do not look for the easy way out.

Outward focus not Inward focus

  • People of value realize they can add to those around them.

Other minded not self-consumed

  • People of value think more highly of others than they do themselves

Transparent not guarded

  • People of value let others learn from their failures and victories
  • People of value let their life become lessons for those around them.

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