Secret to Success-10 ways to be generous

Genius of GenerosityEver wondered what sets those who seem to be successful in their lives apart from those who are not as successful? You know the ones who seem to turn what ever they touch into the best product, the best idea, or are the most productive. It seems like they just can’t fail. They all have something in common, generosity. Yeah believe it or not the one common thread of successful people, generosity. They love to give away their money, stuff, time, and wisdom. Generosity is the secret to success in this world. The Bible tells us that generosity begets generosity. If we want to get ahead in this life, God gives us the formula, be generous.

Throughout life we have the opportunity everyday to help other people.

  • Being other-minded.
  • Treating people as better than our selves.
  • The generous lifestyle gives of time, finances, and resources to help.
  • It is seen time and time again, generosity flows back.
  • It is a simple principle; sow generosity—reap generosity.

It’s not just about money or fame but simply succeeding at everything.

  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Education
  • Career
  • Our selves.

Hard work, discipline, creativity, all these play a part, but there is something about being generous with our lives and our possessions that seem to unlock the success door.

10 ways to be generous

  1. Percentage giving – Give a percentage of your total income (Biblical principle)
  2. Purpose giving – find a cause/passion and give to it on a consistent basis
  3. Give your time – serve in a nonprofit or church, start a foundation/nonprofit
  4. Have a garage sale and donate the money to a charity
  5. Clean out your closet, toy box, garage, or storage unit, and donate to a local shelter
  6. When you go grocery shopping buy two of everything and give the extra away to the local food bank
  7. Teach your children to be generous
  8. Tutor/mentor-Volunteer for a tutoring or after-school program, tutor in your area of expertise without charge.
  9. Pay someone’s bill in the grocery line, restaurant, or drive thru.
  10. Check your motives-Generosity is not a technique or gimmick.

Become a generous person and watch the doors of success open only to allow you to increase your generosity!!!

Question: How do you live the Generous lifestyle?