Purpose of Thanksgiving—Remind us where we have been

Thanksgiving 2014A couple of years ago I posted a thanksgiving post that referred to President Lincoln’s Thanksgiving day proclamation.  In that proclamation he stated that we are to be thankful.  Yet the focus of our thanksgiving was not just to each other but to God.  I believe if we are going to be truly effective leaders we must be thankful and grateful leaders.  The Purpose of Thanksgiving is to Remind us.  We are told in Psalm 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise.  Give thanks to him and praise his name.

Reminds of where we have been

Why do we give thanks?

  • To remember
  • Focuses on remembering where we have come from.
  • We are reminded of our roots, our beginnings, failures, and successes, valleys, and the mountain tops.

Reminds us of the standard — Foundation

  • Thanksgiving – Pilgrims, Religious Freedom, it promotes Worship
  • Thanksgiving – People groups coming together, it produces family
  • Thanksgiving – Protection from outside forces, it proclaims unity

Reminds us of What got us here – Focus

  • Focus is on God—His blessings and prosperity have sustained us.
  • Focus is on those around us—Family, Friends, Co-Workers.
  • We did not get here alone. 
  • We did not do this alone.

Reminds us of What price was paid – Freedom

  • God paid the Ultimate price for our freedom—John 3:16.
  • Every generation has paid the price for Freedom.
  • Some Generations more than others.
  • Everyone we have in our lives has paid a price.
  • Thanksgiving reminds of the price paid.

Question: What does thankfulness remind you of?