Proud to be a Plodder

Friends handed me a book several years ago, “In Praise of Plodders” by Warren W. Wiersbe.  I was young and ready to take the world on and conquer it by the time I was 30.  The couple looked at me with anticipation of my joy as I opened their well thought out gift.  They proceeded to tell me that they saw me as a plodder (even wrote it in the inside cover so I wouldn’t forget), a plain old guy who simply plods along everyday, nothing spectacular, nothing audacious, just plodding along.  Needless to say I was underwhelmed but gave the typical smile of thanks for their appreciation.  That was 18 years ago.  And guess what, I’m still in the same place plodding along.

I realized something in these past 18 years.  There is something pretty great and audacious about being a plodder.  What is a plodder, you ask (even if you didn’t, pretend you did)?  Someone who shows up everyday, does his job even when no one is looking, can be counted on, has the same phone number (I still have my same cell phone number from cell first cell phone 18 years ago).  The point is, many times we are looking for the fantastic bolt of lighting opportunity to make a difference when in reality the opportunity comes everyday when we show up.  There are some characteristics of plodders that bring a power to your purpose.


This is the biggest component to being a plodder.  If your attitude stinks you will last just long enough to get for them to throw you out.  Character is the foundation of attitude.  I can tell a person’s character by the attitude they have.

Show up

I don’t know if this is the most important, but if not, it ranks up there with the top.  If you are going to make it for the long haul you have to show up every day.  When we simply show up when and where we are supposed to, people will begin to trust us.  Even if they don’t like what we say or do, at least they know you will be at the table.


Focus simply means you pay attention.  I focus on the future. I focus on the present.  I focus on my marriage.  I focus on my kids (now grandkids).  I focus on my self.  I focus on my job.  The point is you can focus on many things, just not all things at once.  Learn to be a focused person in all the areas of your life.


Leaders who are not consistent are not leaders very long.  If you are up one day and down the next, late the next and early the next, the likelihood of you gaining influence in your team diminishes.  Be consistent.  Wake up the same time every day, do the same things every morning, have the same attitude each day.

Big Picture view

I remember the first time someone said they were going to leave our church because they weren’t getting fed or didn’t like what was going on.  I went into a blue funk.  You see that was about 20 minutes after I became the pastor.  Well, I learned that instead of looking at the little things that were happening, keep a big picture view.  There might be 2 people in the room that don’t like you but 50 who do.  You may be having a bad day or season.  DON’T QUIT!!! This will pass and you will be better for it

Question:  How do you keep going?