Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 5)

5 Steps to Living Your Purpose

Have you ever found it a little overwhelming, confusing, or simply exhausting trying to live your purpose. Maybe you’re working hard to achieve your dream life. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, or aiming for promotion, or trying to get your business off the ground. Maybe you are endeavoring to make a difference in your zip code as a pastor, leader, or volunteer.  If you’re finding success a bit of a struggle, maybe you need to find your life’s purpose to lift you above the pack and change your mindset from struggle to success.

Finding your purpose is like finding a magic key to help you align everything you do and focus on getting to your best life now. You can’t be the answer to everything or every situation.  That role has already been taken (Hint: that’s Jesus’ job) You simply need to connect with your part of the master plan. 

Here are five steps to help set you in the right direction.

  • Look Within

Too many people look to others for the answers. Too many people follow a path that’s not their path. Only you can know what your dream life looks like. The answer to your life’s purpose lies deep within you. All you have to do is tune into it. Journaling can be a helpful tool to allow your subconscious to speak your truth. Or meditating, or brainstorming. The important thing is that you look into your own heart.

  • Trust Your Intuition (Gut)

Learning to trust that inner voice that tells you that the conventional way of doing things isn’t right for you. Whether it’s a college degree or a selling technique: if it doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to do it! The Holy Spirit is your guide and He is the one giving you that feeling.  Find your own way of living your life, and you’ll be much more likely to feel content and to be successful.

  • Get Friendly with Fear

Many people choose to live safe, conventional lives, too afraid to do things differently or to take a chance. It’s ok to be scared of the unknown. You can choose to face your fears and to lean in to meet challenges head-on. I had always heard of the fear acrostic; False Evidence Appearing Real.  Yet, sometimes it’s not false evidence.  The evidence is real.  Recently I came across these two fear acrostics that poses the questions of what you are going to do with the fear. 

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

Deciding to live your own life according to your values and your passion means being able to look fear in the face and step right out of your comfort zone.

  • Don’t Be Bound by Your To-do List

It’s easy to become a slave to the never-ending checklist of things you need to do before you can live your purpose. You only get one shot at life.

Have a look at your current list of tasks. How many of them will move you closer to living your best life? How many can you just scrub out or delegate to someone else?

  • Realize that You Already Have What You Need

Maybe the most important thing to know that you don’t need expensive courses or workshops, or the right suit or car. You already have everything you need to start living your life’s purpose. It’s all within you. The Apostle Paul tells us in his letter to the Ephesian church that all you need has already been given to you (Ephesians 1:3).  

What really matters is what you do with it. And today is the best time to start!