Power of Presence

power of presenceIt was about 7:30am on an amazingly beautiful spring day. My wife was laying on table in an operating room.  Our third child was coming and due to complication with our first, Vicki (my wife) had to have a C-section. Her face was turned to the doorway. The Anesthesiologist’s back was to her and the door and he was prepping her and monitoring her vitals. I simply walked through the doorway and the Anesthesiologist looked at the monitors and turned around. Vicki smiled and the Anesthesiologist said to me you’re the best drug we have. When Vicki saw me she calmed down. Her heart rate, BP, breathing, everything seemed to go back to normal. The power of presence is incredible.

We are human beings not human doings.

The Power of our presence shouldn’t be underestimated. Have you ever walked into a room of people you know, love, and lead and see their faces? It’s not about the money you made, the things you’ve done or the gifts you bring. It is simply you took the time to be with them.

When your present:

  • You add value
  • You add stability
  • You add sincerity
  • You add security
  • You add honor

The term diligent leader can be rewritten, as one who draws near. In our age of technology and virtual relationships this one principle of leadership is becoming an endangered species.

Presence is imperative in:

  • Times of crisis
  • Times of change
  • Times of celebration
  • Times of loss
  • Times of expansion

You cannot delegate your presence–Only you can be present

You cannot be present for everyone but you can for those you directly lead.

Your presence is powerful when you:

  • Put away distractions (no phone, no texting)
  • Get your work done early
  • Look them in the eye
  • Pay attention
  • Give affirmation


Question:  What are some times you have been present and it has made the difference?