Power of Patience–3 Factors of Patience

Power PatienceI love to see things grow. When I was a kid my mom and dad always had a very large garden. Both my grandparents had gardens. I have always been around growing things. One of the most difficult things for me is waiting for the tomato, jalapeno, radish, strawberry, chive, or anything else that may have been planted to ripen. Everyday I would go out and check the plants. I still do, when I have time to plant a garden. To be honest it is so frustrating to wait, to be patient.

But I am, and when the day comes—oh the reward is amazing. Patience is a powerful weapon in life. It gives us the ability to see the miraculous in the monotonous. Patience is the secret sauce to growth. If we are going to grow to be an influential leader, parent, worker, boss, or spouse, we need patience. Patience is the key.

Without patience we cannot accomplish much in life. Without patience we cannot be successful in:

  • Parenting
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Life

What are you patiently waiting for, a new job, someone to marry, a baby, financial break through, maturity in your kids?

3 Factors of Patience


Even though you don’t see anything happening, you know it will. You have planted good things. Your perception will determine your patience. Keep focused on what you know and not what you see. Sometimes we don’t see anything happening and we get discouraged. Keep focused and confident that you’re sowing will lead to reaping


During the time you are patiently waiting, prepare. The farmer doesn’t just sit and wait for the harvest to come in. He prepares the barn for the harvest. He does maintenance on the combine so it is ready to harvest. He calls the buyers and tells them get ready to pay for the harvest. Don’t just sit and wait for something to happen. Prepare for it. If your waiting for a promotion, take a class so you are prepared for the new responsibilities, if you are waiting for a financial breakthrough learn about how to do a budget, or how to invest the overflow.


Talk about what is going to happen. Tell everyone what you believe for. Make sure your talk is always focused on what you believe is going to happen and not on what is not going to happen. In other words those you lead listen to what you say. If you are always talking about how bad it is, that its never going to happen then that’s how you will start acting and others will start believing. Your words dictate your actions.

Be patient and:

  • Keep dancing
  • Keep focused
  • Keep preparing
  • Keep expecting
  • Keep plodding
  • Keep proclaiming

Question:  How do you patiently wait?  Comment Below