Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble… (Part 8)

8 Tips for Building a Humble Attitude

The world needs humble people. Are you one of them? If so, it’s time to examine a whole slew of creative tips for building a humble attitude. We are told to have the same attitude as Christ.  It is interesting to me that the one who had the right to be proud and arrogant (He was perfect in every way…) was the most humble. 

Drop the Arrogant Attitude

Truly being humble starts with letting go of the old you. We all have our arrogant sides. We think we’re ‘all that’ because of our accomplishments, our IQ, or through what we have. Recognizing maybe we aren’t the center of the universe helps us to step back enough to silence these harmful attitudes.

Recognize We’re all Human

We all have the same goals and desires. We dream big, we mess up, we want to be loved and need to feel useful. Realizing every person shares these things reminds us we’re on the same level with those around us, not above them, and reminds us of the value of respect.

Allow Opposing Opinions

A humble person recognizes they might not be right. If someone thinks differently, this isn’t an invitation to a fight, but instead an invitation to learn. Still confident in your own belief? This is OK too. There’s still room for a different point of view in the world.

Visit Other Cultures

Nothing creates mutual respect like visiting somewhere and seeing how others live. It’s very humbling to see what others go through to make a living, or even just to have their daily needs met.

Respect the Work Others Do

Every job is essential – from the hand that made your food to the person flying your plane when you go on vacation. Recognizing every role is of equal importance in the grand scheme of things helps keep your own self-importance in check.

Lend a Hand

What you might not realize is how genuinely humbling it can be to serve someone else. At the same time, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone in need.

Begin the Day in Humility

When you wake up, take a moment to experience gratitude for the things in your life fully. It’s very humbling to recognize how much you’ve been given. Extend this gratitude with a thankful heart as you go out to embrace the day.

Stare at the Stars

There is nothing quite so humbling as standing under a starry sky and realizing just how small you are. Remember, you’re a piece in a much larger plan. Enjoy seeing where you fit into things.

Remember, tips like these work best with practice. If you truly wish to become humble, this is going to become an ongoing process. Repeat often, and be patient with yourself. It takes time to adopt a new attitude. Once you get there, though, you’re going to find your life-changing in really positive and amazing ways. Humble people really do enjoy the best lives!

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