How to Make Everyday Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day and the delivery people are rushing as fast as they can to finish the last of the chocolate, flower, teddy-gram deliveries to get home to their valentine.  Sometimes we can feel like those delivery people, rushing around to get our stuff done and if we are not careful we can make sure everyone else feels loved, cared for, and remembered.  But what about the ones in our lives.  What about your valentine, your kids, those who are the most important in your life. You can rush through the day and miss being in the moment, being present, and miss opportunities to tell your Valentine how much you love him or her.

The history of Valentines Day is based on a priest (St. Valentine) who was imprisoned because he refused to stop performing weddings and honoring marriage.  As he was imprisoned he would write letters (valentine notes) to his wife.  Hundreds of years later we celebrate Love, Marriage, and paying attention to the one in our life who has committed their life to you.

What if you treated everyday like Valentines day?  Can you imagine the strength of your marriage and relationship if you determined to show your love everyday.  Use today to start and spread it out all year long.  As I was thinking of some creative ways to say “I love you” I thought of some ways that we might miss.

Here are 10 ways to say I love you through out the year:

  1. Say “I Love You” everyday
  2. Pray: individually and together
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat Right
  5. Put Work Away-be in the moment
  6. Show Up; No really, Show Up!!!
  7. Write Notes (with your hand; Hint: you need paper and a pen)
  8. Rest
  9. Quantity of time (quality will come through quantity)
  10. Put down the smart phone, tablet, ipad, Facebook, Twitter, and look up, you’re missing them saying “I love you”

Here is the Challenge:

Start today and make everyday a Valentines Day

Question: What ways do you say “I love you”?