Everybody’s a Keeper – 10 Keys of leadership


Everybody's a keeper pic

For years I have had a motto I live by.  Everybody’s a Keeper. It is a philosophy that has guided me in my personal leadership.  To view and treat everyone you meet as a keeper there are 10 keys to ensure that you will be the kind of leader who adds value to others.



Key #1 – Trust

  • You have to trust
  • You can’t do it all
  • Trust people to teach
  • Trust people to be you – Live vicariously
  • Trust people to make decisions
  • Live trustworthy – live in such a way to be trusted

Key #2 – Show up

  • 80% of the battle is simply showing up for the job
  • Let your yes be yes
  • If you say you are going to do something-do it
  • If you say you are going to show up-show up.
  • Integrity in your words and Action

Key #3 – People are sacred

  • People are the reason we are leaders.
  • You cannot lead a building, or a program, or a budget.
  • You can only lead people because only people can follow.

Key #4 – Be relevant

  • Understand your environment
  • Understand your culture
  • Understand your Times

The only way for you to be relevant is if you know those you lead.

Key #5 – Just do it

  •  Sometimes the only way to get started is to just do it.
  • You must just start.
  • No amount of meetings or planning or team building will ever take the place of just going out and doing it.

Key #6 – Pray

  • Mystique of leadership.  When you pray God imparts new ideas, strategies, wisdom.
  • Every time people see you there is something new and fresh
  • Know your God – Most important for a leader.

Key #7 – Be Flexible

  • Leadership is an ever-changing thing because of people ever-changing.
  • You must be flexible or you and those you lead will break.

Key #8 – Walk Slow

  • Get your work done before the people show up.
  • Walk slow and pay attention to the people.
  • Look them in the eye and listen to them.
  • Don’t look past them to who is coming next.

Key #9 – Know your enemy

  • We do not wrestle against flesh and blood.
  • As leaders we have to make decisions that some will not like or go in directions some do not agree with.
  • Remember those who do not agree with you are not the enemy.
  • Remember everybody is a keeper.
  • Sometimes you just have to figure out where to keep them.

Key #10 – Ask

  • Always ask questions
    • Questions are the best way to lead
    • Questions tell you where the leadership gaps are
  • Always ask for help
    • You want a team
      • The Lone Ranger had Tonto
      • Batman had Alfred
      • Super Man had Lois


Question:  How do you view people?