Don’t Vacate—Allocate!!! 3 Steps To make the Summer Count.

I read an article the other day about how to make your summer a time of growth. It was a church leadership article. I was interested because I always want to see the church grow and especially in the summer. The article wasn’t about church growth at all but about “preparation”—How to prepare for the next season.

The article got me to thinking of a blog I posted back at the beginning of the year, Start 2017 Confident. As a church leader I have always been frustrated with the summer because there is not that much growth in the church. Vacations, laid back schedules, kids off school, weekend trips to the beach all seem to get in the way of church attendance. I still do not think it has to be that way and encourage everyone to not take a vacation from church involvement.

Yet, the relaxed atmosphere of the summer is a great time to break a way and get a takeaway for the next season of your life. In just a few short weeks the kids will be back in school, the weather will change, and the schedule will resume. Now is the time to evaluate, assess, and make the changes needed to make 2017 the best year of your life.

3 Steps

1. #Goals

My daughter walked into our back yard earlier this spring and said #Goals. She told me the new trend is to take a picture of something you want and post it with #goals. She liked our back yard and wanted to have a yard like it. #Each year I begin by setting some goals, expectations, or accomplishments I want to achieve for the coming year. By the time summer comes along I tend to have veered somewhat. I use the summer time to refocus and visit my progress.

Ask yourself 3 questions:
• How am I doing?
• Have I accomplished what I intend to accomplish this year?
• What do I need to do to make 2017 the best year ever?

2. Don’t vacate, Allocate

The word vacation comes from the root vacate meaning to completely leave or remove. I never could figure out why I didn’t like to take vacations early in my career until I realized that the idea of completely leaving, removing, or vacating is not what we do ever. You never vacate being a Dad, spouse, employee/employer, Christian, etc. I know this may sound like semantics but the pressure to completely vacate is not realistic.

Instead of vacating (not thinking, talking, or preparing for what’s coming) try allocating. In other words, on your vacation, or time away, or during the laid back days of summer, allocate some time to prepare for the next season. Assess, hone, and plan during these times. Take an early morning during your vacation and spend an hour or so listing out what you want to see next in your, personal, family, career life.

Get a book, podcast series, online course, or summer class that you can use to hone your craft.

3. Breath

I got a smart watch recently. There is an app on it called breath. It simply reminds me to take a moment to breath. A simple one minute exercise the refocuses on your breath and calms. Take some time to simply take a breath and meditate on what God wants for and from you in the next season.

Let Him:
Remind you – To get back to the basics
Rewind you – So you will keep on ticking!!!
Renew you – So you will always be pleasing in His sight!!!

Question:  How are you going to make the summer count?  Tell me below