Don’t Let Memories Steal Reality-5 Ways to Keep Memories-Memories

1st apt picThe other day we went by our first apartment we lived in 30 years ago. My heart sank when I saw the dilapidated old house. It was run down and probably needs to be condemned and demolished. My memory of the house remained the same as when we moved in. You know the feeling, when you meet someone you remember as a 10 year old kid 10 years later. You still see them as you remember them. Our memories don’t age even if those in the memory do. Many times leaders fall into the same problem with their leadership. They keep using things that should be condemned or demolished. Worse yet they continue to treat the next generation like they are still 10 years old.

5 ways to keep your memories memories

  1. Keep visiting the memories of your life in reality – Go back and see how far you have come!!!
  2. Spend time with the next generation or 2 behind you – They have insight you need
  3. Remember but do not ponder – Don’t Wish for the good old days, they weren’t as good as you think.
  4. Realize memories stand still – Time and culture doesn’t
  5. Realize memories are in HD – They tend to be bigger, brighter, better than they really were.

Let memories make you thankful. Let reality make you diligent!!!


Question: Have you ever let memories dictate your reality?