Determine Your Day

Determine Your Day

Do you have trouble starting your day?  How you start your day will determine your day.  I have found three steps to starting my day that has been beneficial for many years.


Spend the first part of your day in renewing your spirit.  Take some time praying, reading scripture, and allowing God to prepare you for the day.  It is important to do this first thing in the morning because you do not know what the rest of your day will bring.  You may not get another chance to get some time alone and spend with God


This is an important component of starting your day.  Physical exercise gives you energy, and stamina for the rigors of the day.  Eating a healthy breakfast each morning will curb the sluggishness.  Remember to keep your exercise and eating habits aligned with your physical abilities.  You may not be able to lift weights, run miles and miles or eat certain foods but you can do something.


Take time each morning to review your calendar and set goals of what you want to accomplish today.  Not days from now or life goals before you die, but simple daily steps to make your day productive.  This will prepare you for any meetings, assignments, or projects you may have due.

Remember, you only have today.  Tomorrow isn’t a sure thing and yesterday is sealed in history.  Make today count for those around you and for those of tomorrow.

Be Blessed



Question:  How do you start your day?