Danger of Purposelessness–Find Your Purpose

As I finished an early morning prayer meeting one Friday, my son texted me the question, “did u hear there was a shooting in CO @ a Dark Night show?”  In the moments that followed, I learned the details of a most horrific, purposeless act of death and destruction.  Twelve lives ended for no purpose.  A young man’s life destroyed for no purpose.

The wisest man in the world wrote there is a time (purpose) for everything, including death and war.  It is one thing for a soldier to die on the battlefield, or an old man to breathe his last breath after a long, good life. There is purpose driving those deaths.  Yet, this tragedy had no purpose.  These deaths had no purpose.  What leads a person to such acts?  While it was still early in the aftermath of these events I was struck with the danger of a purposeless life.

We are designed for a purpose, born for a purpose, and live for a purpose.  Each one of us has a purpose wired in our DNA.  Our creator tells us He has a purpose for us.  Purpose wakes us up in the morning, drives us to work, forces relationship, and brings us home each night.  Purpose is a gentle friend at times and a strong taskmaster at others.  Without purpose we simply exist with an ever-increasing gnawing that something is missing.

Purpose provides:


Purpose motivates us to keep moving, progressing, going forward.  Even if we fail, purpose forces us to get back up and try again.  There is a motivation in our lives.


Purpose sets boundaries in our lives to keep us focused.  When we find our purpose we give our attention to that.  Without purpose we simply go from one thing to the next, one relationship to the next, one job to the next.


Purpose moves us to be productive.  Without purpose we can never build a productive career, life, family, or legacy.

When purpose is lost or seems to walk out the door we lose motivation and focus.  This can be dangerous, as we have seen in this tragedy.  A highly intelligent, educated scientist goes on a shooting rampage.  Purposeless acts that are counterproductive and bring life to a lower ebb.

How to find your purpose:

Pray – Ask God why you are here

He is the author of you.  It only stands to reason to go to the source.

Pursue – Pursue your interests

What interests you?  Many great businesses, causes, and accomplishments in life have begun simply because someone was interested in the subject or project and pursued it.

Ponder – Think about how you want to be remembered

Do you want to be remembered as a father, businessperson, faithful, honest?  Decide how you want to be remembered and live that way.

Find your purpose and don’t let it go.

What is your purpose in life?