Walking in Faith, Favor, and a Future that is out of this World

You will be Convicted, Challenged, and Changed! In Jesus Name

This book explains how to proclaim every day who you are in Christ

You’ll Learn:

The Power of Proclamation: Belief Dictates Behavior

The Purpose of Proclamation: This Means War

The Practice of Proclamation: Live the Believers Proclamation

God has already written a proclamation of destiny over you before you were even born (Ecclesiastes 6:10). The Believer's Proclamation aligns your belief with God's expectation. 

You are a Child of God-Walking in Faith, Favor, and a Future that is out of the World, is a declaration for anyone who determines in their heart to proclaim who they are in Christ and what God can do through them.

God's Glory Box
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"J is an energetic, inspiring communicator who has a wealth of wisdom to share. His ministry is one of great passion to see people discover God’s best for themselves spiritually, physically, and strategically. With practical step-by-step methods, he will guide you down a path to find your God given purpose. ”

Molly Gosich

Founder: NAME Author

“J is a true visionary with a passion for developing those around him. He has managed to motivate a transformational team ”

Bill Howell

Executive Director, Roma Leaning to fly


The description of the meaning behind the Believer's Proclamation is nothing short of amazing. The execution is absulutely anointed. This will transform lives"



"J is a purpose driven, committed, visionary leader. His creative inspirational style is seasoned with years of ‘done it and doing it’ experience, making his teaching and methods both applicable and practical for anyone to use.”

Adam Loughery

Founder, Author Marketing

"I have been reading this book on my train ride to work. It's real, it's authentic, and true.”

Priscilla Toney 

Human Resource Specialist

About the Author

Dr. J Calaway has been part of the leadership team at The Gate (a Multi-site, multi-ethnic church in northwest Indiana) for the past three decades and has served as Lead Minister for over 25 years. Through his leadership the church has grown and planted 9 churches and campuses across the Northwest Indiana area.

He founded InnerMission, a 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to make vision reality by partnering churches and communities together. J has been an influencial leader in the community through housing, feeding programs, community development, and education. 

J is a speaker, author, and has a passion for leading people. He has his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.  

J and his wife Vicki have three grown children who each have spouses that J and Vicki consider their sons and daughter, five grandkids, and live in Munster, Indiana.

God's Glory Box-YOU ARE a CHILD of GOD!
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