Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 7)

4 Practical Tips for Figuring Out Your Life’s Purpose Sometimes you find yourself not really satisfied with your life.  That realization can come at the most stressful times.  When that happens to me I like to take a moment to[…]

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 6)

There are some simple questions you can work through to discover your life’s purpose. While it’s important to give each question proper consideration, try not to agonize over your responses. Allow your Inner Child and your intuition to guide your answers, and don’t forget to think big! Remember the purpose and passion God has placed in you is big. The Apostle Paul stated, “…God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us…” Make your starting point ‘in the best of all possible worlds.’

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose

Living with purpose reminds you every day you wake up your part of the bigger picture. You have been given a plan, destiny, and responsibility to carry out. You are so busy working on your dream you have no time to worry about their drama.

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 3)

4 Major Ways Living with Purpose Changes Everything Finding your purpose can be the big thing that changes your life. It’s not a magical cure-all for the things that may be not so good in your life right now, but[…]

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 2)

6 Ways to Live Your Life with Purpose Finding your purpose in life can turn everything around. It can make your life immediately more meaningful, giving you a reason to bound out of bed in the morning instead of grouching[…]

Oh Lord it’s Hard to be Humble… (Part 4)

We love being in love. From the moment eyes meet, and we acknowledge the thrill we feel when we see our other person, we’re hooked. We can’t get enough of their company and life is good…until it isn’t.

How to Make Everyday Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day and the delivery people are rushing as fast as they can to finish the last of the chocolate, flower, teddy-gram deliveries to get home to their valentine.  Sometimes we can feel like those delivery people, rushing[…]

6 Benefits of Trouble

Today I want to talk to you about something we forget.  Trouble.  No, I’m not talking about forgetting trouble.  The is very hard to do.  We forget that we are going to have trouble.  Many times, I see leaders become[…]

5 Ways to Make your Marriage Matter During the Holidays

Before Vicki and I were married we started a tradition that we have kept for the past 35 years–a Christmas date.  It was usually Christmas light looking and going to a very fancy restaurant and order dessert and coffee (we were[…]

Why Leaders Should Go To Church

Ok, most everyone who knows me knows I am a pastor and expect me to say this.  But before I was a pastor or “had” to go to church, I went.  I am a public fan of church.  I know[…]