Transformational or Transactional-You Decide

What is Transformational Leadership and How Can It Help You Be a Better Leader? You may not have thought about it much, but if you’ve ever experienced transformational leadership, you’ll realize that it’s a whole step up. Ordinary leaders are[…]

How to Know If a Mentor Can Help You

4 Keys to Knowing If You Need a Coach Over the past few months I have made some decisions that have changed the trajectory of my life. It has been exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Yet, I[…]

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose (Part 5)

Maybe you’re working hard to achieve your dream life. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, or aiming for promotion, or trying to get your business off the ground. Maybe you are endeavoring to make a difference in your zip code as a pastor, leader, or volunteer. If you’re finding success a bit of a struggle, maybe you need to find your life’s purpose to lift you above the pack and change your mindset from struggle to success.

Power of Purpose|Priority of Purpose

Living with purpose reminds you every day you wake up your part of the bigger picture. You have been given a plan, destiny, and responsibility to carry out. You are so busy working on your dream you have no time to worry about their drama.

Oh Lord it’s Hard to be Humble!!! (Part 3)

What’s so amazing about humble people is just how much more confident and even competent they are. It takes a strong person to back off and let their actions speak louder than their words.

OH Lord i’ts Hard to be Humble!!!

Being humble is generally overrated, but have you ever noticed it’s the people who exhibit humility who are the most relaxed and yes, even confident, people you’ve ever met? It takes a supreme belief in yourself and your abilities to be able to step back and not blow your own horn.

To Stand or Not To Stand — Is that the Real Question?

I watched with much concern over the past year the unfolding of the kneeling during the national anthem and honor of the United States flag. I have been quite amazed at what seems to be the lack of understanding of[…]

Secret to Success-10 ways to be generous

Ever wondered what sets those who seem to be successful in their lives apart from those who are not as successful? You know the ones who seem to turn what ever they touch into the best product, the best idea,[…]

Power of Presence

It was about 7:30am on an amazingly beautiful spring day. My wife was laying on table in an operating room.  Our third child was coming and due to complication with our first, Vicki (my wife) had to have a C-section.[…]

Founding Fathers, Firecrackers, and a Four year old

Freedom isn’t Permanent On July 4th, 1826, 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, two of the founding fathers died just hours of each other, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson the second and third presidents of the[…]