Transformational or Transactional-You Decide

What is Transformational Leadership and How Can It Help You Be a Better Leader? You may not have thought about it much, but if you’ve ever experienced transformational leadership, you’ll realize that it’s a whole step up. Ordinary leaders are[…]

4 Ways to Be an Effective Mentor

During the past 30 years I have found myself becoming a mentor to others when I wasn’t planning on being a mentor or a coach. Our relationship simply evolved into mentoring and coaching. If you’ve found yourself in a position[…]

How to Know If a Mentor Can Help You

4 Keys to Knowing If You Need a Coach Over the past few months I have made some decisions that have changed the trajectory of my life. It has been exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Yet, I[…]

Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble… (Part 10)

10 Traits All Humble People Share Hey Diligent Leaders, Today I want to talk to you about the signs or traits Humble Leaders have. Diligent Leaders are humble leaders. We all love humble people. Their quiet confidence draws us into[…]

Oh Lord, it’s Hard to be Humble… (Part 6)

When you think of humility, do you think of job success? You should. In fact, studies have shown humility is one of the number one traits of CEOs. You better believe humility is one of those traits your bosses are looking for…

Oh Lord it’s Hard to be Humble!!! (Part 3)

What’s so amazing about humble people is just how much more confident and even competent they are. It takes a strong person to back off and let their actions speak louder than their words.

Oh Lord it’s Hard to be Humble!!! (Part 2)

Nothing kills a relationship faster than playing the blame game. Your significant other really doesn’t want to hear your excuses, and honestly, being adult enough to own up when you make a mistake reassures them you’re adult enough to be in the relationship at all.

5 Ways to Make your Marriage Matter During the Holidays

Before Vicki and I were married we started a tradition that we have kept for the past 35 years–a Christmas date.  It was usually Christmas light looking and going to a very fancy restaurant and order dessert and coffee (we were[…]

Gratitude is not seasonal

  Gratitude is not seasonal, Gratitude is foundational. I love this time of year.  It is a good time to recalibrate, refocus, and renew our mind, body and spirit around the incredible blessings of life, friendship, faith, and family.  This[…]

The Terrain Determines your Focus

When I run in enjoy running on different terrains.  In my neighborhood there are streets, sidewalks, running track, bike trails, gravel paths, and trails in the woods.  Each terrain causes me to run differently. The terrain determines my focus.  If[…]