6 Benefits of Trouble

Today I want to talk to you about something we forget. 

Trouble.  No, I’m not talking about forgetting trouble.  The is very hard to do.  We forget that we are going to have trouble.  Many times, I see leaders become discouraged, discontent, depressed, or even quit because of trouble.  The reason; they forgot that life is a series of troubles. 

Jesus reminded his disciples not to become dismayed with this life.  He told them that “in this life they will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world” (Matthew 16:33).  So I say to you today, don’t quit or loose heart, you’re going to have trouble.  Remember Jesus has overcome the trouble.  Just recently a young leader asked me when do the troubles stop.  He was dealing with some difficulties that seemed to be resolved.  Yet, they surfaced again.  I told him, they won’t stop.

As leaders we need to realize in this life we will face troubles, storms, bad reports, discontent and disgruntled followers.  But you also have to realize that trouble also brings some benefit to your leadership. 

Benefits of Trouble


If life was nothing but a series of good times and easy sailing, there would be no meaning to your life.  True meaning is found in the trouble.  Jesus said that he didn’t come for those who have no trouble but for those who are in trouble.  The meaning of His life was found in the trouble of others.


Most innovation we have today is because someone set out to solve a problem.  Or to create a way of doing something that will make the task, job, communication easier than it was before.  Our technology in many cases is born out of solving problems and dealing with trouble.


This is much like meaning, yet purpose is the to-do of meaning.  Jesus stated in his first sermon that He is here to preach, proclaim, heal, set free.  When you come up against problems that only you can solve, or troubles that only you can fix that gives you purpose for the day, week, month, year, or lifetime.  Spend time exploring your passions, understanding your personality, honing your skills.  You will find your specific purpose and place in life.


I mentioned troubles or problems that only you can fix or solve.  Our society today is based on the idea of; “how little I can do”.  Yet when trouble comes our way and we learn to embrace it and be responsible for it, we will take on the responsibility.  Diligent leaders take responsibility in the midst of storms.  Jesus was as calm as can be in the storm in the boat.  His followers, however, were not as calm.  They didn’t look at the storm as their responsibility.  This is why so many leaders blow it in the middle of a crisis.  They blame, gripe down, ridicule and retreat.  Jesus got up and simply spoke to the storm. 

As diligent leaders, those we lead are simply looking for someone to get up and speak to the trouble and bring peace.  That’s your responsibility.


Those who understand that life is a series of troubles and work to bring peace get promoted.  The role of the leader is to fix broken things, mend torn things, and connect disconnect things.  When you enter the room and start fixing mending and connecting those around you will take notice and promote you.  People want to follow someone who can navigate through troubled times and fix, mend, and connect.


Once you have helped solve problems and brought peace into people’s lives, you will gain influence.  They will listen to what you have to say.  You will have an opportunity to walk with other leaders who are influential because you have proven you can be counted on in times of difficulty.

Remember, diligent leaders are those who understand their role; to come along side and help navigate to a better future.  Be a problem solver, a peace maker, and add value in every situation.

So I say; Bring on the Trouble!!!

Question: How have you handled trouble? Let me know in the Comments