5 Ways to Beat the Resolution Odds


The odds of you keeping your New Years Resolution aren’t good.  That’s why many people give up making New Years Resolutions.  That doesn’t make much sense either.  It doesn’t matter what your resolution is.  As long as it is designed to better you, your family, or your community, keep making them.  The effort is better than doing nothing at all.   But the fact remains only 2% of all resolutions made in January are still in effect the following December.

  • In business or organizational terms 70% of organizational projects or goals fail.
  • ¼ of people who make New Year’s Resolutions will give up after one week.
  • The average person makes the same New Years Resolution 10 times without success.

Accomplishing something resolved is not for the faint of heart.

It is hard work!

But you can do it!!!

It just takes a little thought and some discipline.

Here are 5 things you can do to beat the Resolution Odds

1.  Create a Plan

Set down and think about and write down what needs to be down and when in order to accomplish your goal.

2.  Connect with someone

Tell someone your resolution and ask them to hold you accountable.  Set up a time when they call or ask each week or day how you are doing.

 3.  Create an Environment

Connect with those who believe you can accomplish your goal.  If it is weight loss get rid of the bad food and connect with those who won’t buy you Cheetos.

4.  Connect with Information

Look for information on your goal.  If your resolution or goal is to write more, read a book on writing, follow a blog, sign up for a writing class.

5.  Create a System

Systems are a powerful tool to use in accomplishing goals.  A system is an interconnected group of tasks that accomplish a larger goal.  If you’re goal is to exercise more, create a system.  Establish a certain time everyday to exercise, make an exercise room or space in your house or join the gym.  Each component of the system relies on the other components.

These 5 simple tasks will increase your likelihood of beating the resolution odds.  But there is one thing above all that you need to have

Discipline – the simple determination to not quit.

 Question:  What are Your New Year’s Resolutions?