5 Leadership Lessons Learned in Kindergarten

R128 Leadership -- KindergartenSometimes leadership can seem so complicated and complex. Decisions, strategy meetings, administration, and conflict can make a leader feel overwhelmed and ineffective. But, leadership is rather simple. When leadership seems complicated, it usually means it is simply hard. When these times come, go back to Kindergarten. Some of the basics of leadership were learned in kindergarten. Simple principles, when applied to everyday leadership, can make a huge difference.

5 Lessons Learned

Show and Tell

Good leaders don’t just tell us what to do. They also show us. Great leaders lead by example. Be present and show what what you want and how to get there.

Always put things back where you found them.

I call this closing the loop. An active team will always be moving from one project or event to another, quite possibly overlapping the ending of one and beginning of the other. Processes and systems are crucial for this to run smooth. The facility, resources, and people used in one event will most likely be used for the next event or project. Having processes and systems in place to “put your stuff away” and close the loop will make the transition of the facility and resources work.

Story time is good

Good leaders communicate with stories that convey information. Relate a word picture or parable that conveys a point. Creativity is a key factor in communicating the needed information. This post is an example of a word picture. A simple reminder of a childhood experience to convey the simplicity and basics of leadership.

Nap time is better

Good Leaders know how to disengage and rest. There needs to be an unplug time consistently throughout the week.

  • Schedule a day off each week to recharge and rejuvenate.
  • 15-20 minute afternoon walk, nap, quiet time
  • Turn off your notifications during this time

This will increase creativity, longevity, and patience in your leadership.

Take care of the class hamster, gerbil, plant, or iguana…

Good leaders bring teams together around projects and events. To keep the team together there needs to be a “class project”. Something you can bring the entire team around. Each team member has his or her own responsibility or area of leadership for the project. It provides opportunities for the team to work together and celebrate each other together. In the end the entire team gets the credit.

Question: What are some other leadership lessons you learned in Kindergarten?

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