49 things in 49 years

49th Birthday PicToday I turn 49 years of age.  I woke up in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in the Mackinac straits on lake huron.  Pretty amazing life for a kid that went through second grade twice (I think I liked my teacher).  If 7 is the perfect number then 49 may be the perfect age being 7 sevens.  I’ve made mistakes and got a few things right.  My wife, kids, and grandkids (works in progress) the grandkids that is.  And all the while absolutely loving life. 

I thought maybe I could give you something for my birthday. So I sat down this morning and listed 49 things I’ve learned in the past 49 years.  I hope this is not too presumptuous to acknowledge my own birthday and think I have learned something along the way, but if it is, so be it.  As I close out the first half of my first century (yes I fully intend to live well past 100 years) here is what i have learned:

  1. Be patient
  2. forgive
  3. accept forgiveness
  4. give
  5. be happy
  6. have joy
  7. laugh
  8. cry
  9. Never pass up a lemon aid stand
  10. Dream
  11. Believe
  12. Enjoy everything, everyday, and everyone
  13. Love
  14. Trust
  15. Exercise
  16. Learn
  17. Read
  18. Teach
  19. Be Flexible
  20. Change
  21. Be Disciplined
  22. Try everything once (well maybe not everything, but you get the point)
  23. Practice
  24. Have a Vision
  25. Get a good night sleep
  26. Manners count
  27. Know when to talk
  28. Know when to shut up
  29. Yell every once in a while
  30. Be passionate
  31. Focus
  32. Study
  33. Take Vacation
  34. Celebrate
  35. Create
  36. Walk slow through the crowd
  37. Say please and Thank you
  38. Look them in the eye
  39. Don’t burn bridges
  40. Everybody’s a Keeper
  41. Faith is foundation
  42. Truth is the standard
  43. Be Teachable
  44. Serve
  45. Be Generous
  46. Enjoy Life
  47. Party
  48. Embrace humor
  49. Be Trustworthy

What have you learned through your years???