4 Ways to Make the New Year NEW

New Year -- Fresh Start

How to make the New Year NEW

The New Year is an incredible time.  I love the feeling of getting a clean slate and seeing what can be written on it.  Yet too many times we come to the end of the year and there has been nothing changed.  We are still dealing with the same stuff.  The average person makes the same New Years Resolution 10 times without success.  That would be the definition of a rut.

What can be done about it.  Here are 4 things you can do in the next 45 days to break the routine and accomplish something new this year.

4 Things to do in the next 45 days

Start something new

  • It’s a new year so make it new
  • Breaking out of the old ruts sometimes simply takes doing something new
    • Read something different
    • Try a new kind of food
    • Attend a different kind of entertainment
    • Sign up for a different activity or service project

Go on a retreat

  • If possible do a 3-day prayer, strategy, planning retreat
  • If not possible to do 3 days then at least take 1 day and retreat
  • Do this with your team, spouse, or family.  Establish together and alone times

Do some kind of fast

  • This is a good way to refocus for the new year
  • Benefits both spiritual and physical being
  • Aligns your body, mind and spirit.

Connect in a greater way

  • Creator

    • Start praying everyday if you haven’t been
    • Start reading or doing a basic devotional Bible study
    • Start a deeper Bible study than you have been
  •  Church

    •  Start attending if you are not
    •  Start serving if your are simply attending
    •  Start financially and physically contributing
    •  Join a small group
  • Community

    • Set a goal for how many hours you plan to serve the community
    • Join a volunteer/civic/neighborhood group
    • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, shelter, homeless center, school, boys & girls club, etc.
    • Attend the town council meeting
      • Find out what is needed and volunteer to help