4 steps to become a Thriving Leader

Moving from surviving to thriving in life is important.  As I was thinking about thriving I realized there are many leaders who simply survive in their leadership.  They are barely influencing, guiding, or keeping the best and the brightest.  The challenge for a thriving leader is not to have the newest tech toys, or even the most lucrative pay and benefit package.  It’s been proven over the last five years all that can disappear in a stock market second.

A leader thrives depending on his or her view.

Victory – Celebrate – Enjoy Life

Look at life as a victory.  Every day there is something to be victorious about.  Waking up, raising kids, holding hands with your spouse, breathing, or something simple.  Victory simply means you win.  Walking through life defeated is not an option for those who thrive.

How do you know when you are surviving and not thriving?

  • When you view people as a bother
  • You go too fast to smell the roses

Visioning — Focus on the big picture

Issues of the day are minor compared to the big picture.  Don’t focus only on the area you are working on.  See the beauty and growth in other’s.  They can be an encouragement to you and you can be an encouragement to them.  See the beauty of the forest even among the trees.

How to keep the vision alive?

Visit the vision weekly

Vision Walks – Take a walk in a place that represents your vision.  I call these prayer walks.  I talk to God concerning what He wants me to do.

Vision Future – Focuses me on what needs to be done so I don’t get lazy.

Vision Past – Reminds me we are making progress

 Vacation – guilt free and creative

Vacation means to vacate.  Too many times leaders do not feel they have the time to remove themselves from the day to day.  It is important to be creative in your time away.  I wrote a blog recently on taking vacations.  Read it for more insight.

Things we did on vacation:

    • I put up a teepee in my back yard and cooked a duck on the open fire
    • Rode mules down the grand canyon
    • Camped
    • Stayed in a hotel
    • Visited Family
    • Biked around a civil war battlefield.
    • Mini Vacations
      • In my living room, back yard, or in a bookstore
      • Vacations are a state of mind not a destination

 Value – People and God

It is important to know what is of value in this life.  We value so much and in many cases what we value really has no value at all.  If we are going to thrive in our leadership we need to focus on what we value.  Valuing something means that is carries weight.  Whatever you value is what will guide you.

There are 2 things to value in this life:

 People – Spend your life on people and you will never loose.  You will always thrive.

God – How you spend your life on people determines your value of God.  God consistently reminded us that our relationship with Him is played out in our relationship with people

There is nothing else to value in life.  When you value possessions, positions, or promotions you will start to survive rather than thrive.

How do you thrive in your leadership?