30 Year Date

Recently my wife and I celebrated the 30th anniversary of our first date.  I know, a little sappy, but we have fun.  It is June 12th and we always do something rather simple and not too extravagant.  Our first date consisted of popcorn, coke, Rocky III, and a group of about 15-20 of our friends.  Vicki was at the counter ready to pay for the movie and I came up and said “I’ve got this.”  We have been dating ever since.  Thirty years later we had lunch at the Walnut Room of Macy’s in downtown Chicago after buying her mother-of-the-bride dress.

I was thinking about all those years and how they seemed to meld together into one continuous event—life.  I often say I love my life, and I really do, but what does it take to really love your life?

Keep dating

What I mean is keep exploring.  That’s what dating is between two people.  They are learning about each other.  I have come to realize that even though I have been with my wife and kids now longer than I have been without them, there is still so much to learn.  So I keep dating. In all my relationships, friends, co-workers, neighbors I still endeavor to get to know them better.

Do what you love

I am not sure it is possible to love life if we do not do what we love.  What we do encompasses our time, energy, talent, and thought process.  It is important for us to love it or we will drudge through most of our life hating it.

Keep inviting your friends

Our first date was with friends and it seems like our entire life has been with our friends.  Some were close at one time and now they are at a distance, while others are relatively new.  The point is to keep inviting friends to share your life.  Life is to be witnessed and lived together.


Determine to celebrate everything all the time.  It is important to find a way to celebrate even in the difficult times.  There may be seasons of mourning but they are just that, seasons.  Celebrate the little things and celebrate the big things.


Question:  What do you do to love your life?