3 Things you DON’T Do in a Relationship

connection keyboard picture

Connecting with people is an amazingly wonderful and dangerous adventure.  Whether it is in a marriage, parent, work, or social relationship it is an adventure.  We are all messy and connecting with each other can and will be messy at times.  To have a High Quality Life-Giving connection with others takes work and forethought.

To have this kind of relationship for the life long haul don’t do these three things:

 Don’t Stop Talking

  • Communication is the tie of all relationships
  • If there is no communication there is NO relationship
  • Talking cannot be overrated.

Don’t Be Inflexible

  • Relationships are with people.  Need I say more!
  • Inflexibility will diminish your capacity
  • There will be up times and down times in all relationships
  • Learn to accept both the ups and downs and
  • Being flexible will give space when space is needed and deep connection

 Don’t Stop Listening

  • Communication is a 2 way street
  • If you are not listening and only hearing you missed your opportunity to understand before you talk.
  • Listen with empathy—Listening from their point of view.
  • When you truly listen you add value to the other person.

High Quality Connections is what makes up our life.  They are the only thing that matters.  Work at them, focus on them.

Question:  What is your definition of a High Quality Connection?