3 Stages of Change

The Road to ChangeThe New Year is a great time to make the change you want in your life, family, team, and organization. Navigating change can be difficult as a leader. Knowing the stages of change will help in leading the change that needs to come. In each stage there will be those who go with you and those who walk away.


3 Stages of Change

Resistance to change

Everyone is resistant to change in some form or fashion. We believe that everyone needs to change except us. Change is always accepted in theory or symbolism but not in substance and practice. When we are faced with a need for change we have to fight the resistance to change.

  • Realize change is for the good not the bad
  • Realize change is for the whole and not the part (me)
  • Realize change is inevitable

Tolerant of change

Once you move pass the resistance, you move into toleration. This is not full on acceptance but simply operating in both the old and the new. Many people will live this way simply to avoid conflict. Your family, team, or those around you will simply observe the changes for a while to see if you are really serious. This is where most changes fall apart. The new of the change has wore off and the reality of the affects of the change is taking place. It is at this point a crucial decision has to be made. Will you and your world embrace the change or not.

  • Realize tolerance is not Acceptance
  • Realize tolerance is not Agreement
  • Realize tolerance is not Advancement

Embrace the change

The final stage of change is embracing the change. This is full on acceptance of the new way things are done. The change becomes the habit, lifestyle, mindset, atmosphere, and environment. Once you have moved to embracing the change take inventory of those still around. They are the ones you can count on to lead and take part in the new order.

  • Realize small victories and Celebrate
  • Realize Convictions are worth the change
  • Realize Change takes time

What stage of change are you in?