3 Reasons to be a Learning Leader

Always LearnGood leaders know things.  Great leaders learn things.  They never stop learning.  This is a simple reminder for us to live life within certain boundaries.  I have determined in my life to Never Never Never stop learning.  Great leaders consistently attend webinars, spend money on education, attend conferences, and buy books (oh, and actually read them).  They listen to podcasts, read blogs, and connect with innovative thinkers.  Great leaders focus on creating a learning culture in the teams they are on and lead.


There are 3 main reasons you should always learn

Keeps you Humble

Leaders who commit to learning, never get in a place of arrogance, thinking there is nothing more I can be taught.  A culture of learning places you in the position of a student, mentee, or apprentice.  That is a humbling thing.  Especially if you have been in leadership for a long time.  Yet there is nothing worse than a leader who thinks he doesn’t need to learn anything.

Keeps you Relevant

Things are changing at such a fast pace.  If you don’t commit to continual learning, what you learned last week will be irrelevant next month.  Connect with next generation and previous generation leaders.  They both remind how much we still need to learn.  Leaders who stop learning become irrelevant very quickly, change positions frequently, and experience high level of team turnover.

Keeps you flexible  

A commitment to continual learning will bring flexibility in your leadership, and systems.  You will continually shift in your learning style.  You may for a season read a book every 2 weeks.  Then for a while you will watch VidCasts or listen to PodCasts.  You may attend seminars both live and online.  When you continually learn you will be flexible in the format you receive information.  You will also be flexible in your approach to leadership.  In other words, the leadership methods you used in the past and even now will not be the methods you use in the future.  Continually learning keeps you flexible in your leadership style.

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