3 Ingredients of a Change Agent

Martin-Luther-95-thesesToday is Halloween and for most people they are looking to take their kids out to a harvest festival, trick or treating, or find a party to show off their creative side in the costume they choose to wear.  This day has morphed into many different things throughout history.  Satan’s birthday, all hallows eve-before all saints day, the day of the dead, and on and on.  But this day is also known for something that happened 497 years ago.  And for many this one action still affects us today.  Today is reformation day.  The day Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg Castle.

This little action created a huge impact.  This is quite possibly the single most impactful event in church history if not human history since the coming of Christ.  It sparked the great Reformation, launched the protestant section of the Church, and pretty much changed the way we do life on a daily basis.

Now this is not a lesson in theology or a debate on which way to worship is right.  I’ll leave that for another day and group.  I was simply intrigued as to what do change agents have to have in order to make such changes.  What do they possess that causes them to act in such a way as to still affect generations after they are gone. 

I came up with three:

Courage — what are you willing to face for the change?

  • Luther was willing to face whatever came.
  • What are you willing to face?
  • If it’s not much the change may not be worth it or you may not possess the courage to carry out the change.

Cause — is the change worth it?

  • Is the change a cause worth your effort, resources, time?
  • There will be a fight, there will be loss.
  • Is the change you are fighting for really worth the loss you may incur?
  • If the outcome is better than staying the same then it is worth it!!!

Conviction — do you believe in the change?

  • Conviction is deeper the opinion.
  • You will die for a conviction.
  • If you will die, loose your job, friends, or money for the change then it’s a conviction.

Question:  What other Ingredients do you think a Change Agent needs to possess?