3 Components of Consistent Creativity

Creative picI’m convinced everyone is creative. We live in a created place, made by a creator, to have His same creativity. You just have to tap into the creative process. Creativity is a gift to be used to bring about your own uniqueness and style. Creativity is the ability to connect dots that aren’t connected.

You can be creative in:

  • marriage
  • parenting
  • career
  • community
  • church
  • leadership
  • business

We all copy different ideas, concepts, structures, and programs from others.  But you cannot be copied.  Your style cannot be copied. You are unique and you are uniquely designed to meet the challenges of your world creatively as only you can.

The creative process is important and you have to intentionally tap into it.

3 Components of Consistent Creativity


When you spend time consuming all that is around you, the creative juices start to flow. An experience reminds you of a principle you are trying to convey to your team or audience. You can use that experience as a word picture or illustration of the principle. Someone’s idea becomes a component of an innovation you are trying to establish in your organization. You never know when or where an idea, event, or experience will trigger a creative solution or innovation.

  • Read everything
  • Listen to everything
  • Observe, and be aware of everything
  • Write everything down


When you have confidence, you are willing to speak up and share your ideas. Some of the best and most creative solutions to problems, breakthroughs, and innovation come from someone who had the confidence, courage, and willingness to fail.

  • Know that you have a unique message that no one else has
  • Know that you see things that no one else sees
  • Know that your presence has the potential to inspire creativity.


Schedule some time to sit, simmer and stew. Creativity happens when we take time to be alone and allow what we have consumed to mix with our uniqueness. Communicate to your team that you are in creative mode and you are not to be disturbed. During this time write down things that come to your mind. Plan, strategize, and

  • Get a Creative notebook or journal to write your thoughts down
  • Set a scheduled creative time each week.
  • Go on a walk
  • Sit in a favorite spot in a park
  • Go to a restaurant where no one knows you.

You have creativity in you. Step out and have the courage today to tap into it and be creative.

Question:  How do you tap into the creativity in you?