2016 Has Begun!!! Time to Change for Good!!!

Fresh Start 2016 picI love the feeling of a fresh start. That’s what today is-A fresh start

This is a time to shift into gear and get started on the things we want to accomplish in this next year. You have set goals, made resolutions, and committed to making 2016 the best year ever!!! This year start the year different. Make the changes and keep the resolutions and don’t go back.

That’s easier said than done!!!  Here’s How:

3 Steps to a Fresh Start

Destroy Doubt

Expect nothing from a position of doubt. Don’t say “I’ve tried this before and it will probably end the same way”. The point of a fresh start is “fresh”  Have a Fresh point of view!!!

Past in Context

Recently Odell Beckham (Football Player for New York Football Giants) was suspended for one game due to un-sportsman like conduct. He later said, “I learned from the ban, but won’t change”. In other words he put his past into context. He made a huge mistake but won’t let the mistake distract him from being the best.   Realize what distracted you in the past, the mistake you made, what moved you off course and correct it. But never, never, never let it defeat, destroy, or detour you from being your best, and accomplishing your goal.

Future Focus

The best is yet to come. Live like that. No matter what has happened or how many times you have tried, you are still breathing, have energy, vision, and passion. Use that to push on into the most incredible future. You have been given a plan and a future that is out of this world. Focus on it and achieve it!!!

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What do you do to make a fresh start?