2 Ingredients for Relevant Leaders

truth-no-loveWe are watching a world that is breaking apart before our eyes.  This past summer has been one of the most violent.  Governments are toppling, radicalism seems to be the way, and everyone wants their way and to protect their rights.  We are seriously lacking the leadership and benevolence in the most important places of our society.

Leaders who will speak truth and show love at the same time are in great demand.  That is the mark of a mature leader.  There seems to be a sense that the two do not exist within the same environment.  Yet we are commanded in the Bible as leaders to do just that (Ephesians 4:15).  Always stand on truth but never without love.  We are to be generous in our stand of truth.  We are hearing a message that love will conquer all.  But that is not true.  Love will not conquer all unless it is founded in truth.  Warren W. Wiersbe said, “Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”

Leadership is both love and truth.  Without truth you will ultimately love only that which you agree with.  Separation, denomination, segregation, and disunity are byproducts of love without truth.  Without love you ultimately have racism, bigotry, and a deep lack of understanding those who are different.  Realize love without truth and truth without love lead to the same place—Separation.

In this highly volatile season when it seems that everyone is taking sides, decide today to be a leader who will, stand firm, stand strong, stay diligent, and always, speak the truth in love!!!

Let me know how you are leading with Truth and Love.  Comment Below!!!