15 days to 2015

15 days leftAre you ready.  In the midst of parties, family, shopping, and ending 2014 strong, are you ready for 2015.

Have you thought about it?

Has the thought crossed your mind, “How do I want my 2015 to look?”

You have 15 days to decide.

Here’s what you can do

Set a plan

Take some time this week.  Get by yourself, even if it is only for 1 hour

Ask yourself some questions:

  • How did I do in 2014?
  • What would I do different?
  • What would I do the same?
  • What do I want to accomplish in 2015
  • only list 3-5 things (don’t go overboard) that’s a sure fire fail!!!

What do I want to learn?

Answer those questions:

  • Once you have the answers list the answers out.
  • Break them down into bit sized pieces.
  • Get specific:

If you answered,

  • “I want to spend more time with my kids”
    • how much time?
    • Doing what?
  • “I want to get a promotion”
    • What is it going to take to get that promotion
    • More education?
    • Telling your boss you want more responsibility?

Set some goals:

  • Put them on the schedule
  • If you are doing a workshop or class put that on your schedule
  • Set deadlines and goals for accomplishing the tasks

Activate the plan

  • Now, set the appointments
  • Enroll in the class or workshop
  • Accomplish one thing on your list this week
  • Action breeds momentum!!!
  • Make the calls you need to make. 

Be Accountable to the Plan

  • Show someone your plan
  • Ask them to check on you throughout the year on your progress
    • (If you don’t have anyone I’ll do it!! Just message me, I’m serious!!!)
  • Expect to succeed!!  Talk about your goals and plans for the new year as if it is going to happen
    • Tell people what you are doing and what the outcome is going to be
    • This causes a sense of expectation in them and accountability in you.
  • Change your mindset
    • Promise yourself you are going to accomplish this.
    • Confirm in your mind you will not quit!

Question:  What are you plans for 2015?