10K Leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned Running A 10K

For the past several years I have been distance running.  I am no pro by any stretch of the mind or imagination. I simply enjoy it.  5 years ago I entered my first race, a 5k, that is 3.1 miles and for the last 2 years I have been running a 10k, which, if you have done the math in your head quickly is 6.2 miles.  Now, some in my life are trying to get me to do a half or mini marathon.  We’ll see…10K Runners

Running in these races has given me some perspective on leadership.  These aren’t new but they are everything to a leader.  The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:24 stated we are to run the race, he was assuming we were actually going to show up for the race.  That is my expectation as well.  This is not for those who are trying to decide if you are going to run the race of leadership but those who are already in it.

Preparation is everything

I have no doubt that when I run I will finish because I have run a 10k before in preparation.  I don’t worry about the climate because I have prepared for it.  I am not concerned about my gps, music, running shoes, clothing, and safety equipment because I have checked them all in preparation for the race.  Preparation gives the ability to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Awareness is everything

When I run I am aware of the path ahead of me.  I am aware of what is around me.  But most importantly I am aware of where my foot is landing with each step.  If I am not aware of those three things I will go the wrong way, get tangled up with others, step in or on something that could cause me not to finish the race.

Input is everything

While I run I listen to certain things.  My running app on my phone calls this music powersongs.  This is music to help me focus and keep my pace.  Input while running the race is crucial to keep the pace.  It’s like having someone in your ear prodding you on and keeping you moving.  Be careful of what is in your ear during the run.

Finishing is everything

It really doesn’t matter how many people pass you or you pass.  The basic focus for running is to finish.  I don’t keep pace with those who are running the race.  I keep pace with my input.  Leading is not about running so hard and fast that no one passes you but that you run in such a way as to finish.


Question:  What have you learned in running the race of leadership?