Reflection is not about the Past!

Reflection picSummer is a great time to reflect and introspect to prepare for the coming season. The schedule is laid back, things seem to slow down. Picnics, festivals, and vacations are all on the calendar. Why not create some space during this time to reflect over the past 6-12 months. It is kind of like window cleaning. Sometimes we keep looking out for what is coming we forget to take the time to clean the window in order to get a better, clearer picture of what’s going on.

Take a day or a weekend, go on a walk, close the door, turn off the outside interference and just begin to reflect on your life for the past year.

3 Things to reflect on

 Reflect on your failures

What did you do the past few months that just didn’t work? List them out and ask some questions

  • Should I try it again?
  • Did I give it my best effort?
  • Why did it fail?
  • Were the right people involved?

List these things out and spend some time reflecting on how you felt.

 Reflect on your successes

What did you do the past few months that was a home run or at least you got on base.

  • What made this a success?
  • Can I repeat it?
  • Should I do it again?

 Reflect on your relationships

  • Spouse
  • Family – Kids, parents, brothers/sisters, etc.
  • Friends
  • Professional
    • When was the last time I was on a date with my spouse?
    • Do I know the names of my kids friends, favorite movie, music, food?
    • Are my relationships adding or subtracting in my life?
    • Am I adding or subtracting in their lives? 

Practice Reflexion – (notice the spelling change-with an x) the practice of Reflexion is a deep introspection with the intent of responding better for those around you in the future.

Reflexion is the action of looking into yourself and determining how the outcome of an event could have been different in regards to your actions. It is a deeper exercise than reflection. Reflexion involves asking questions of ones self and making the needed adjustments in character, practice, decision-making, among other things, in order to improve.

Remember Reflecting and Reflexion is all about the future. Becoming the leader with greater success, fewer failures and stronger teams and relationships.

Question: What failure and success have you had recently? What did you learn for the future?

3 thoughts on “Reflection is not about the Past!

  1. Inspiring! Definitely going to schedule a day for reflecting and reflexion very soon. I also will be incorporating into my next TEAM meeting.

  2. Even on my vacation my life is running with plans for every day… Thanks Pastor J for this message- to just slow down and smell the coffee- reflection and reflexion I really don’t have time to do- yet imperative for us as a change for the better- servant, employee, parent, friend-taking time to become creative with how we could become more effective in leading others to Christ-taking the time to become more tech savvy- to set up schedules on line for ministries! social media is huge- my goal for this week is to take a journal on my vacation is to write it down- with me there is always room for improvement in every aspect of my life. Thanks I love this blog!!!

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