1 hour to WOW! your week–How to start your week

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Here’s a Post I wrote a while back.  Make your sunday afternoon or monday morning productive and WOW your week!!!

Has this happened to you; Friday comes and you look back on your week and wondered if you actually accomplished anything at all?  For many years I have started my day in a certain way, everyday the same way.  I wrote about this a few months ago in a post Determine Your Day.  But a few years ago I began purposely starting my week.  I found starting my day right was good, but many times events of the week crowded out the good intentions of the day.  Here’s how I do it.

 1.  Join a faith community – Church

  • I always start my week in church

(I know, I’m a pastor—It’s my job—when it wasn’t I still started my week in church)

  • This always reminds me to put first things first
  • I am encouraged when I am around people of faith

On Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning I take 1 hour and prepare for my upcoming week.  I first review, then preview, then schedule.  Here is a breakdown of how I do it.

1 hour to WOW! my week 

2.  Review

  • Accomplishments and projects in progress
  • This helps to know what needs to be dealt with
  • What communication needs to go out?
  • Good job and thank you notes for accomplishments

3.  Preview

  • I look at the overall schedule of what is coming up and make the necessary adjustment due to the events of last week.
  • When I preview my week I can prepare myself for a heavy schedule or a light one.
  • I also prepare my family for the possibility of missed dinners, family events, or the need to reschedule events. When my kids lived at home we would have a weekly family meeting/dinner to go over the weekly schedule for everyone.  The weekly family meeting became a strategic part of family life.

 4.  Schedule

  •  Set Goals to accomplish
    • If deadlines aren’t made there can be no accountability
    • Keeps me purposed and productive
  •  Schedule the important things
    • Family time
    • Exercise time
    • Social time
    • Spiritual time
    • Mental/personal time

Keeps me focused and doesn’t let days and weeks go by without sharpening the saw (Keeps me sharp).

  •  Schedule meeting and appointments
    • This gives an overall view of the week
    • Helps to avoid double scheduling and overbooking
  • Schedule tasks
    • This seems to be a no brainer but many times when I don’t schedule and prepare my task list it doesn’t get done.

Question:  What do you do to be productive?


5 thoughts on “1 hour to WOW! your week–How to start your week

  1. I have been shooting from the hip. I am embarrassed to admit it, but its true. Its really time to change, thanks for the influence. By the way what happened to the videos?

    1. Jonathan,
      Thanks for the transparent insight. I know how you feel. We all tend to let things slip and begin to “shoot from the hip”. It is the great leaders who realize that and do a course correction who become great a influence in their family’s, co-worker’s, and friend’s lives. By the way, the videos are there. Just scroll down and find by date, 5.18; 4.17 and so on.

      Be blessed


  2. Great article! Actually stopped in the middle of it to “schedule” a few very important tasks that have been neglected. Thanks Pastor J!

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  4. I really never though too much about how I would start my week,because I had a set schedule. Get up at 6am go to work,then i played music at night, ) thought through the day of what I wanted to do….Then I retired….Wow.. What a switch! At that point I really began praying.. Lord! What do you want me to do??? Let me be a blessing to someone, and that’s when it began, I have specific long range goals and I strive every day to do something that will help me to reach them. Since that time I have totally to the best of my being, given everything in my life to God. I stand before Him 24 -7 . I live by His Word exclusively every day,,I stay in contact with Him in every circumstance that comes up for I stand on His promise that He will instruct me and teach me in the way that shall go He will guide me with His eye. Psalms 32:8. There are many many things that have transpired in my life since that time… Much too many to write.

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