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Success Secret-Stop trying to be a person of success

Try not to be a man of success but a man of value -Albert Einstein

Value blogWhen success is your goal, target, or end game, everything you do becomes a tool or technique to that end. And people can tell. Instead of being a success try being of value.

Instead of using everything and everyone to get ahead, try using everything for everyone to become better.

Success is not a goal, it’s a byproduct.  When you become a person of value success naturally comes along.  It is the byproduct of value.

Signs of a Person of value

A Giver and not a Taker

  • People of value realize all they have is to be used and given.

Passion over Position

  • People of value do not compromise their passion for the sake of the position.
  • People of value let their passion drive them into the position.
  • People of value do not let Passion go away as the position increases

Conviction over Convenience

  • People of value do not look for the easy way out.

Outward focus not Inward focus

  • People of value realize they can add to those around them.

Other minded not self-consumed

  • People of value think more highly of others than they do themselves

Transparent not guarded

  • People of value let others learn from their failures and victories
  • People of value let their life become lessons for those around them.

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Question:  What value do you have for others? (Leave a comment below”

3 Stages of Change

The Road to ChangeThe New Year is a great time to make the change you want in your life, family, team, and organization. Navigating change can be difficult as a leader. Knowing the stages of change will help in leading the change that needs to come. In each stage there will be those who go with you and those who walk away.


3 Stages of Change

Resistance to change

Everyone is resistant to change in some form or fashion. We believe that everyone needs to change except us. Change is always accepted in theory or symbolism but not in substance and practice. When we are faced with a need for change we have to fight the resistance to change.

  • Realize change is for the good not the bad
  • Realize change is for the whole and not the part (me)
  • Realize change is inevitable

Tolerant of change

Once you move pass the resistance, you move into toleration. This is not full on acceptance but simply operating in both the old and the new. Many people will live this way simply to avoid conflict. Your family, team, or those around you will simply observe the changes for a while to see if you are really serious. This is where most changes fall apart. The new of the change has wore off and the reality of the affects of the change is taking place. It is at this point a crucial decision has to be made. Will you and your world embrace the change or not.

  • Realize tolerance is not Acceptance
  • Realize tolerance is not Agreement
  • Realize tolerance is not Advancement

Embrace the change

The final stage of change is embracing the change. This is full on acceptance of the new way things are done. The change becomes the habit, lifestyle, mindset, atmosphere, and environment. Once you have moved to embracing the change take inventory of those still around. They are the ones you can count on to lead and take part in the new order.

  • Realize small victories and Celebrate
  • Realize Convictions are worth the change
  • Realize Change takes time

What stage of change are you in?

2016 Has Begun!!! Time to Change for Good!!!

Fresh Start 2016 picI love the feeling of a fresh start. That’s what today is-A fresh start

This is a time to shift into gear and get started on the things we want to accomplish in this next year. You have set goals, made resolutions, and committed to making 2016 the best year ever!!! This year start the year different. Make the changes and keep the resolutions and don’t go back.

That’s easier said than done!!!  Here’s How:

3 Steps to a Fresh Start

Destroy Doubt

Expect nothing from a position of doubt. Don’t say “I’ve tried this before and it will probably end the same way”. The point of a fresh start is “fresh”  Have a Fresh point of view!!!

Past in Context

Recently Odell Beckham (Football Player for New York Football Giants) was suspended for one game due to un-sportsman like conduct. He later said, “I learned from the ban, but won’t change”. In other words he put his past into context. He made a huge mistake but won’t let the mistake distract him from being the best.   Realize what distracted you in the past, the mistake you made, what moved you off course and correct it. But never, never, never let it defeat, destroy, or detour you from being your best, and accomplishing your goal.

Future Focus

The best is yet to come. Live like that. No matter what has happened or how many times you have tried, you are still breathing, have energy, vision, and passion. Use that to push on into the most incredible future. You have been given a plan and a future that is out of this world. Focus on it and achieve it!!!

Give me some feedback

What do you do to make a fresh start?

E2 = AYG Simple formula to Accomplish Anything Anytime Anywhere

This is a simple little equation I use to accomplish anything, anytime,goals anywhere. A leader’s ability to accomplish goals is priority.  This next year can be the best year ever for accomplishing your goals, keeping your resolutions, and changing for good.

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

  1. Get to your ideal weight
  2. Get out of debt
  3. Run a 5k, marathon, or a triathlon
  4. Get more involved in church
  5. Write a book
  6. Work on your marriage
  7. Go back to school
  8. Go to Hawaii

The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the Formula!!

E2 = AYG

E (Execute) x E (Everyday) = Accomplishing Your Goals

That’s it – Do something toward accomplishing your goals everyday—Even if it seems small.

Too many times we set goals but never create an execution plan. They sit on our goals list and never get accomplished. Looking at a big idea or goal can be overwhelming and we don’t know where to start.

Here’s How:

  1. Review your goals everyday
  2. Breakdown your goals into small task sized steps
  3. Schedule each task during the week.
  4. Execute each task toward the Goal
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Question:  What do you want to accomplish in 2016 (Leave a comment below)

Quit trying to figure out ways of saying NO!!!

I have been noticing a trend in leadership lately. The trend is encouraging leaders to say “No” without guilt. I get it…we are all busy and great leaders have a tendency to over commit. If we don’t stay balanced, we are doomed to fatigue and fail. Yet, I am not sure approaching this problem of overcommitting by looking for ways to say, “No” is really the answer.

As leaders we are here to show the way, clear the confusion, and navigate the next steps. Think about it. Imagine if your child came to you and said she is failing in math, and needs your help. Her math is above your knowledge, you really don’t have time to help, and your focus could not possibly be in her best interest. Would you simply say sorry can’t help you or try to find the best way to say no without feeling guilty?

No Way!!!

You figure out the best “Yes” you could find. She’s your kid!!! As a leader you’re in the same position. Your team and those who follow you are looking to you for help, advice, decisions, and problem solving. If you are in the position of trying to figure out how to say no, maybe you need to re-evaluate the position you are in.

Instead, stop trying to find ways of saying “No” and start finding ways of saying, “Yes”!!!

3 things you can do to say your best yes!!!


  • Connect with as many people as possible
  • Each person is a potential referral
  • Each person you meet has skills you do not have
  • Each person you meet offers a unique perspective
  • Be a connector. You will come across people who need what they offer.


  • Get contact information
  • Keep accurate contact information
  • When you meet a person ask what they do.
  • Ask if they would be willing to be part of your network
  • Tell them you often come in contact with people who could use their help


  • Clearly define your yes
  • Realize saying yes does not mean you are responsible
  • Recognize your ability and availability.
  • If you cannot personally be involved, connect them with someone in your network who can

As a leader I am constantly asked if I can help, teach, or inform. I am always willing to do what I can, exactly what I can. I define the help, information, or assistance I can give. When someone asks for my help and it is a request for something I know someone in my network is better equipped to handle I say, “yes I can help”. I put them in contact, or I personally contact the one who can offer the assistance. In that way I have been able to say, “yes I can help and here is the level of my help”.

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3 Lessons to make 2016 The best Year Ever!!!

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I have just finished a massive project that took several years to accomplish. The preparation was intense and I learned some very good but hard lessons. I want to share with you just a couple of lessons I learned.

Planning is powerful

Goals are funny things, they seem to be easy to make but hard to accomplish. When you set your mind to accomplishing something remember it doesn’t just happen. You have to make a plan to make it happen.

Preparation is powerful

The more I prepare the more confident I become. It is difficult to overestimate the power of preparation. The key is to start early. Every holiday season I take time to prepare for the next year. I sit down and focus on what I want to accomplish. I start with looking back on the past year and what happened. Then I decide what I want my next year to look like and what I want to accomplish. When I take time to prepare, the goals I set are much more likely to be met

Procrastination is powerful

Procrastination is just as powerful as preparation.   It makes you think you have all the time in the world.  It also makes you think that your task or goal will not take as long as it actually will. The outcome is a missed opportunity, failed attempt, or blown deadline at worse and a average attempt at best. Procrastination destroys confidence and instills intimidation, fear, and lack of accomplishment.

Take time right now to make 2016 your best year ever!!!

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Question:  How do you prepare for the New Year? Give me your ideas!!!

Leaders Earn It!!!

R128 Leadership-Earn This picWe just past Memorial Day in the United States. The day we remember those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom and liberty we have in this country. As I was enjoying the day, I remembered a line in the movie “Saving Private Ryan“. The scene where Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks) looks at Private Ryan (Matt Damon) and says “Earn this…Earn it” That line and the thought of earning what others have paid for with their lives has struck me. At the end of the movie and old Private Ryan Visits the Grave of Capt. Miller. Overcome with emotion he asks his Wife, Have I led a good life…Am I a good man?” What a question. What does it take to earn the freedom we have been given? What does it mean to lead in life, to be a good person?

Earn it!!!

Take responsibility

  • Refuse to play the blame game.
  • Quit making excuses
  • Blame and excuses are the marks of the unsuccessful
  • Be responsible for your actions and the actions of those you lead
  • Accept feedback from both criticism and complements

Give back

  • Whatever we have in this life is due to those who have gone before
  • Give back to the generation before you
  • Give back to your generation
  • Give back to the generation coming behind you
  • Give credit
  • Give honor
  • Give Respect
  • Give yourself

Set Boundaries

  • Live within predetermined boundaries
  • Spend less than you make
  • Be productive everyday
  • Decide to be positive
  • Love yourself so you can love others

Diligent leaders understand the power of earning.  When it is earned you gain.


  • Influence
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Character
  • Purpose
  • Abundance
  • Interdependence
  • Maturity
  • Growth
  • Freedom

Question:  How do you Earn It?  Comment Below

5 Leadership Lessons Learned in Kindergarten

R128 Leadership -- KindergartenSometimes leadership can seem so complicated and complex. Decisions, strategy meetings, administration, and conflict can make a leader feel overwhelmed and ineffective. But, leadership is rather simple. When leadership seems complicated, it usually means it is simply hard. When these times come, go back to Kindergarten. Some of the basics of leadership were learned in kindergarten. Simple principles, when applied to everyday leadership, can make a huge difference.

5 Lessons Learned

Show and Tell

Good leaders don’t just tell us what to do. They also show us. Great leaders lead by example. Be present and show what what you want and how to get there.

Always put things back where you found them.

I call this closing the loop. An active team will always be moving from one project or event to another, quite possibly overlapping the ending of one and beginning of the other. Processes and systems are crucial for this to run smooth. The facility, resources, and people used in one event will most likely be used for the next event or project. Having processes and systems in place to “put your stuff away” and close the loop will make the transition of the facility and resources work.

Story time is good

Good leaders communicate with stories that convey information. Relate a word picture or parable that conveys a point. Creativity is a key factor in communicating the needed information. This post is an example of a word picture. A simple reminder of a childhood experience to convey the simplicity and basics of leadership.

Nap time is better

Good Leaders know how to disengage and rest. There needs to be an unplug time consistently throughout the week.

  • Schedule a day off each week to recharge and rejuvenate.
  • 15-20 minute afternoon walk, nap, quiet time
  • Turn off your notifications during this time

This will increase creativity, longevity, and patience in your leadership.

Take care of the class hamster, gerbil, plant, or iguana…

Good leaders bring teams together around projects and events. To keep the team together there needs to be a “class project”. Something you can bring the entire team around. Each team member has his or her own responsibility or area of leadership for the project. It provides opportunities for the team to work together and celebrate each other together. In the end the entire team gets the credit.

Question: What are some other leadership lessons you learned in Kindergarten?

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3 Components of Consistent Creativity

Creative picI’m convinced everyone is creative. We live in a created place, made by a creator, to have His same creativity. You just have to tap into the creative process. Creativity is a gift to be used to bring about your own uniqueness and style. Creativity is the ability to connect dots that aren’t connected.

You can be creative in:

  • marriage
  • parenting
  • career
  • community
  • church
  • leadership
  • business

We all copy different ideas, concepts, structures, and programs from others.  But you cannot be copied.  Your style cannot be copied. You are unique and you are uniquely designed to meet the challenges of your world creatively as only you can.

The creative process is important and you have to intentionally tap into it.

3 Components of Consistent Creativity


When you spend time consuming all that is around you, the creative juices start to flow. An experience reminds you of a principle you are trying to convey to your team or audience. You can use that experience as a word picture or illustration of the principle. Someone’s idea becomes a component of an innovation you are trying to establish in your organization. You never know when or where an idea, event, or experience will trigger a creative solution or innovation.

  • Read everything
  • Listen to everything
  • Observe, and be aware of everything
  • Write everything down


When you have confidence, you are willing to speak up and share your ideas. Some of the best and most creative solutions to problems, breakthroughs, and innovation come from someone who had the confidence, courage, and willingness to fail.

  • Know that you have a unique message that no one else has
  • Know that you see things that no one else sees
  • Know that your presence has the potential to inspire creativity.


Schedule some time to sit, simmer and stew. Creativity happens when we take time to be alone and allow what we have consumed to mix with our uniqueness. Communicate to your team that you are in creative mode and you are not to be disturbed. During this time write down things that come to your mind. Plan, strategize, and

  • Get a Creative notebook or journal to write your thoughts down
  • Set a scheduled creative time each week.
  • Go on a walk
  • Sit in a favorite spot in a park
  • Go to a restaurant where no one knows you.

You have creativity in you. Step out and have the courage today to tap into it and be creative.

Question:  How do you tap into the creativity in you?

4 Leadership Lessons Learned Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon PicSeveral years ago my wife and I got to ride in a hot air balloon. This was a great experience. It reminded me of some leadership principles that I learned over the years.

The Hotter it gets the Higher you Go

To go higher in a hot air balloon you have to heat up the air in the balloon. The hotter it gets the higher you go. If you want to go higher in your leadership you have to go through some hot times. When the heat is up in the organization or even on you. Leaders, organizations, teams tend to go higher when the heat is on. Don’t always try to put out the fires, sometimes it’s those fires that are causing you to accomplish your goals.

You get a better perspective

Leaders have a better perspective of what is going on. You can see the big picture. Remember, sometimes those you lead will not understand your decisions or direction because they don’t see what you see. Be decisive and confident in your leadership. People will follow those who can see beyond.

You have no choice but to trust those in the basket with you.

Once you’re up in the air you don’t get out of the basket or you will fall. So whoever you are in the basket with is whom you have to trust. Make sure you make good choices on whom to put in your basket. Be careful and selective!

If you want to get out—cool down

When it’s time to land stop heating things up. There are times in leadership when it’s time to stop the ride or rest. Don’t just quit or get out. You have to prepare to land and then land. The only way to land in a hot air balloon is to let the air in the balloon cool down. When you sense it is time for the team to shift to another project or end a certain season, let things begin to cool down and communicate to the team that you’re going to land. This is a great time for the team to get out of the basket if they want or prepare for the next flight.

Question: How do you handle it when things heat up around you?